Orcish Wars

Winter, year 0: The orcish horde emerges in Dawngate, overrunning the most powerful seat of civilization in a single night. With the coming dawn, the orcs sweep across the Sun Fields west of Dawngate, destroying every settlement in their path and leaving behind an inhospitable wasteland. The horde splits and spreads, wreaking havoc across all of Pasun.

Winter, year 4: Kordun, King of the North, leads his army to victory against the orcish horde at his mountain fortress-city of Drakeheim, but loses two of his sons in the battle. Heartened by the first major victory of the Orcish Wars, Kordun leads his forces in a campaign of eradication, wiping out many of the horde’s warpacks and pushing the bulk of it southward.

Summer, year 4: Lysidia, Queen of the South, hears of Kordun’s victories in the north. From the island city of Lisson, she leads her royal battlemages in an assault against the horde. Despite the relatively small size of the south’s army, it is remarkably effective in harrying the orcs as they attempt to reinforce their brethren to the north.

Spring, year 5: The horde is fully intact again, but has lost most of its strength. The combined forces of Drakeheim and Lisson win a decisive battle in the Frostblossom Forest, pressing the orcs back into the Sun Fields. Chief Urtok falls in the forest, killed by Lysidia’s blade.

Summer, year 6: After a year of hard fighting in the Sun Fields, both against the horde and the beasts who have occupied the wastes, Kordun’s vanguard sees the walls of Rulzak, a great fortress raised by the orcs. The first assault goes badly for the forces of Pasun, and Kordun’s only remaining son is killed leading a charge.

Winter, year 7: Finally, the forces of Pasun enter Rulzak. The battle is long and furious, until the orcs are finally eradicated. Kordun and Lysidia declare victory, and return to their cities with their remaining soldiers.

Fall, year 7: Kordun travels to Lisson for a conference with Lysidia to decide the future of Pasun. Unable to find common ground, the two rulers agree to split the continent into the North Kingdom and the South Kingdom.

Orcish Wars

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