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The History of the Continent of Pasun


Seven hundred years ago, a group of adventurers known as the Exemplars brought together warring tribes, towns, and city-states to form the nation of Pasun, a unified state that spanned the entire continent. Representatives from every city, town, and keep met every year among the glorious spires of Dawngate, Pasun’s capital and undisputed jewel. Pasun, though far from perfect, lasted for centuries, until all but the oldest elves and eladrin could not recall a time before the unified continent. It was an age of peace and plenty…and it ended twenty-eight years ago.

The Orcish Wars

There was no warning when the attack came. Dawngate was attacked as the sun set beyond the western plains. The orcs simply appeared in the city, streaming from the sewers, from doors and parapets, overrunning Dawngate in a single night. The people of the plains to the west of the city saw smoke and fire in the night, and the orcs came with the dawn. The peace of Pasun was shattered, and the rest of the continent retracted into their old city-states, townships, and fiefs, defending themselves as best as they could from the marauding orcish horde. For four years, the orcs rampaged across Pasun with impunity, reducing most of the continent to ruins and rubble.

Kordun, the human king of Drakeheim – a cold an unforgiving city-state in north Pasun – rallied every soldier he could from the northern settlements. With his army, he ruthlessly forced the orcish horde back to the center of the continent, where he was met by a fighting force led by a coalition of mages subservient to Lysidia—the Queen of Lisson, the major port city of the south. Together, they forced the orcs into the wasteland that was formerly the Sun Fields, west of Dawngate. The remaining orcs built up a makeshift stronghold to make their final stand, but Kordun and Lysidia’s forces destroyed the stronghold and eradicated the last major concentration of orcs in Pasun.

Aftermath of the Wars

Though the horde had been destroyed, darkness seeped in after it. The evils that civilization had held at bay slipped in through the cracks left in the orcs’ wake. Magical creatures, demons, savage humanoids, undead, and other dangers flourished in the ruins and wastes that now littered Pasun. Though it has been over twenty years since the forces of Pasun defeated the remainder of the orcs at Rulzak, their wasteland fortress, civilization had not rebuilt itself enough to keep out the monsters and demihumans that forced their way into the ruined and uninhabited places.

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