The city of Lisson is the capital of the South Kingdom, ruled by Queen Lysidia.

Lisson is a tightly-packed, teeming city situated on an island of four square miles. The city takes up the entire island, which is connected to the mainland via a single, wide stone bridge. The docks bustle with trade from around Pasun and even from the exotic West. The streets are narrow and well-paved, with the exception of the Boulevard Arcana, the wide market street in front of Lysidia’s palace. Lisson’s mages are all members of the Collegium, an association of magically gifted individual under the direct supervision of Lysidia’s court.

Lisson’s military is largely ceremonial, and the city guards are mostly a token peacekeeping group. The Collegium war-mages, however, are a ruthless fighting force deployed to major trouble areas both in and outside Lisson. There are also rumors of Lysidia having her own personal secret police who operate from the shadows.

Lisson is a city of delicate architecture, strangely-spiced food, and magic. A large section of the coastline is dedicated to the growth of their sea-grapes, a magical, softly glowing fruit used to make Lisson’s luxury liquor, glowwine. Magical orbs of light hang from the branches of the spindly trees that line Lisson’s streets. The city keeps itself in pristine condition, even in the poorer areas. Much of the magic is reminiscent of Lysidia’s home, the Feywild.


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