The group of adventurers who founded the nation of Pasun seven hundred years ago.

Mygalun: The powerful elven wizard, who came to be known as the Worldshaper for his deeds. He is reputed to have formed Dawngate from Morningpeak in a single ritual.

Dwairn Steelhammer: There has been no finer tactical mind in the history of Pasun. Dwairn was a dwarf warlord who led the Exemplars and their armies to the unification of the continent, and came to be known as the Beacon for his leadership.

Raxxara: Spoken of in tales and legends as the Fury, Raxxara was a dragonborn fighter, unmatched in combat. She tore through legions of soldiers herself, an unstoppable whirlwind of steel on the battlefield.

Ariel: A tiefling warlock who followed the path of the star, Ariel is the most mysterious of the Exemplars, rarely seen in the forefront of the group. Called the Whisperer, she released the darkest fears of her enemies.


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