Idealist who says what he thinks with a sometimes grating personallity. He may seem fickle, but is a brutally loyal friend to those he trusts. (Dragonborn Fighter)


Rholgn Hammerwing of the Lamp

Dragonborn – Fighter(5)

Str 20 Con 14 Dex 8 Int 10 Wis 15 Cha 12

AC: 23 = 10 + 2 lvl + 9 scale(+2) + 2 shield

[ Dragonborn ]

Fury: +1 racial bonus to attack rolls when bloodied.

Heritage: Healing surge value = HPs / 4 + Con Mod.

Breath: Strength + Fire

[ Fighter ] Combat Challange, Combat Superiority, Weapon Talent (one-handed)

[ Powers ] Sure Strike, Tide of Iron, Passing Attack, Villain’s Menace, Get Over Here, Sweeping Blow, Dizzying Blow

[ Skills ] Athletics, Intimidate, Streetwise

[ Feats ] Shield Push, Skill Training (Perception), Distracting Shield

[ Items ]

Scale +2 = Reward for returning the remains of Sir Ravd and his previous Squire to Lisson for burial.

Bashing Shield = Minor magic item found by Sir Ravd during his journey and gifted to Rholgn.


Amulet of Health = Won at a village joust. Entered myself as Sir Rholgn of the Lamp.

Warhorse – “War” Tack – Horse Armor – Greataxe

Pack Mule – Adventuring Gear – Halberd – Javelins


Rholgn Hammerwing of the Lamp

[ Description ]

Standing nearly 7 feet tall and weighing 290 lbs, Rholgn is an imposing figure. His bright yellow eyes, glowing under his heavy brow, seem to carve into you with their intensity. His young scales of black, gray and yellow have a slightly glassy sheen, not easily missed even in a crowd of dragonborn.

[ History ]

- Since dragonboy-hood, Rholgn had always been the biggest and strongest of his peers and it was natural that at the early age of 10, he apprenticed at his fathers forge.

- Rholgn was not long on the bellows before a traveling Knight, Sir Ravd Dunmaire of the Lamp, noticed his promise and took him on as serving boy. He was age 11 when he left his family.

- Traveled with and served as camp boy until a band of orcs stumbled upon Ravd’s bivouac in the Dragonspines. The orcs were turned back, but not before Ravd’s squire had fallen.

- Elevated to squire due to the extreme circumstances, even though under age at 13 years and of common blood.

- Trained as a squire/Knight by Ravd in the ways of the Order of the Lamp.

- Sir Ravd died in a dungeon while investigating the location of some relics of Dawngate.

- Traveled back to Lisson with the bodies of Ravd and Squire Deemo but not allowed to be Knighted or even re-squired due to his common birth.

- Squire Deemo’s mother gifted Rholgn with the boys armor.

- Decided to go adventuring for himself as a “Knight” instead of returning to work as a smith.

- Has taken on jobs of all description

[ Motives ]

- Building a fortune to buy lands and gain status as a noble to become a true Knight.

- Without guidance and very young, Rholgn seeks to regain the the excitement and adventures of his travels with Sir Ravd.

- Also seeks routine contact with his Clan to continue his racial growth.

[ Personality ]

- Prefers to lead, is willing to follow someone he considers noble.

- Sizes up situations before getting himself involved.

- Direct and to the point in negotiations or discussion.

- Bonds strongly with friends.

- Likes to offer helpful advice on subjects he has no knowledge of.

- In combat, starts out in a defensive posture, quickly gauges the combatants, moves to control the situation through offense and intimidation.


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