Ander Radnom (Random)

Young Rogue


Str 13
Con 11
Dex 20
Int 10
Wis 12
Cha 16

AC = 19 (+5 vs attacks of opportunity)
Fort = 15
Ref = 21
Will = 17

Feats = Sure Climber, Lost in the Crowd, Backstabber

Magic Items = Duelist Dagger (lvl 3), Catstep Boots (lvl 3), Amulet of protection +2 (lvl 6)


Living in a big town as a child, Ander was always prankster. Very laid back and comical, he was a fun kid to hang out with. The problem was he held a grudge, especially against humans that were bigger then him and tried to shove him around. Scrapping as a kid he would win some and lose some, but he always managed to get even after the fight. He would sneak into a bullys home at night and steal his stuff, or cut off part of his hair, anything to get revenge. A few small thefts for revenge turned into larger thefts for profit.
After some near misses and being run out of a few towns, he quit grabbing for everything and put a little more planning into his breakins. He now Travels around looking for work (sometimes honest work, sometimes personnel gain). With a little scouting and socializing he can find a good mark do a job and still be welcome in town. He tries to to only steal from people that he thinks can afford it, but (still being young and headstrong) slight him and he might just burn your house down after robbing it.

Ander Radnom (Random)

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