Pasun Campaign

Post-session, 3/15/09

The Flooded City

What happened: The party, with Albert’s help, was teleported from the top of the ruined mage’s tower. Instead of arriving in Lisson, as they expected, they appeared in an identical circle in an empty crypt. As they left the room with the circle, they were confronted by an emaciated, huddled humanoid with black circles on its skin, muttering the name “Astagor” over and over again. When the wretch tried to grab Thumper, Rholgn intervened, bashing it with his shield, but the shield passed through the thing and it faded.

The party followed a rough-hewn tunnel out of the empty crypt and emerged on a ledge high above a flooded cavern that contained an ancient, ruined city, seeing sunlight on the water across the cavern and a strange blue glow atop the tower in the middle of the city. After fighting some sahuagin, the party moved skilfully over the roofs and ruined walls of the city, eventually entering the tower at the center. They climbed the stairs to find a nest of six blue dragon eggs—Rholgn was lightly shocked when he touched one. Reasoning that “dragon” meant “hoard,” the party looked down to see a vast treasure sunken in the waters at the bottom of the tower. Thumper pressed for looting, while Shera insisted that disturbing the dragon’s treasure would be a bad idea.

As they moved down the tower to take what treasure they could, they were beset by sahuagin guards, including their shark-priests. Just as they were finishing off the sahuagin resistance, badly beaten themselves, a massive sahuagin baron swam into the tower, and an epic battle ensued. At the end, Rholgn lay dead, and Roran mortally wounded. Making good use of Thumper’s bag of holding, the party stuffed as much treasure into it as possible (along with Rholgn’s corpse), only to flee when the dragon, now known to them as Astagor, returned to its nest. The party barely escaped the cavern ahead of Astagor, and saw Lisson across the bay that the cave opened onto.

Entering Lisson, the party had Rholgn resurrected as Roran met with Queen Lysidia. She offered thanks for a job well done and promised to notify Roran if she had any work to be done. Now, the party ponders their next move as they rest in the magical city of Lisson.

Experience: 676 for kills. John and Marx, 451. +500 bonus experience to everyone for looting a dragon’s hoard and surviving.

Issues: None!

For consideration:Nothing! Downtime: Up to you. You can remain in Lisson as long as you’d like, and pursue whatever path you choose, or forge your own path in the world (e.g., “guard stew”).

Next session: Friday, March 20th, 7 PM at Dana and Eric’s.


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