Pasun Campaign

Post-session, 2/7/09

The Speed to Stop a War

What happened: After reaching Drakeheim, the party was granted a special audience with King Kordun, at which he assured them that the problems posed by Baron Silversmith’s aggressive plans towards the South Kingdom would be handled. After leaving, however, the king’s seneschal, Edgar Carthson, helped the party plan a way to reach the South Kingdom quickly enough to warn them about the incoming attack. He promised that there was a disused mage tower nearby and that a mysterious magician known as “Albert” would help them use the teleportation circle there, but that association with “Albert” would very likely incur the king’s wrath. After deciding the reward outweighed the risk, the party fought a group of gnolls that had apparently taken up residence within the tower. After defeating the gnolls, Thumper attempted to track two that had run away, only to see a dark-skinned man with bright red hair at the tree line, flanked by undead with the corpses of the two gnolls at his feet. On seeing Thumper, the man winked and snapped his fingers, causing the undead to crumple to the ground, then turned and walked back into the forest. Meanwhile, Shera was attempting to decipher the strange and bloody ritual grounds based around the teleportation circle at the top of the tower.

Experience: 1375 in monster kills. This will put you at level 6. Marx, 690 exp for you.

Issues: None!

For consideration: Nothing!

Downtime: You have a brief time between bringing Edgar and “Albert” to the tower and the teleportation ritual. You will not be teleported until you are ready. If you have any questions regarding the ritual area, interrogation of the gnoll prisoners, or anything else, ask me!

Next session: We are discussing next weekend, 2/14 or 2/15. Discuss quickly!


Fuzzus Fuzzus

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