Pasun Campaign

Post-session, 1/24/09

Iron and Blood

What happened: After being asked to investigate orc attacks on villages and farms in the Ironhills, the party met with Cyrus Fleetfoot, Baron Silversmith’s reeve, who was leading a small investigative force searching for the orc raiders. The party was betrayed by Cyrus and locked in the crypt they had been led to believe was the orcs’ hideout. In the halls of the crypt, the party found a Helm of Battle in a secret room with a strange gravestone that read “The Result of a Heroic Effort.” They then met and subsequently did battle with a wererat who called himself Scrounger, his pet rattlesnake, and some chokers who were apparently in league with the wererat. Further exploration led them to meet an unnamed vampire, who showed them an exit from the crypt in exchange for Scrounger’s head. After clambering down the cliff, the party rode back to the keep to warn the Baron of his men’s treachery, only to find that the Baron was using the “orc raids” to conscript an army that he intends to lead against settlements in the South Kingdom, hoping to spark a war that will eventually reunite Pasun. He gives the party their payment and sends them on their way. On the road to Drakeheim to warn the king about Baron Silversmith’s plot, the party was intercepted by a messenger who handed Roran a letter bearing the Baroness’ seal, then turned and rode back.

Experience: 875 in monster kills + 500 completion = 1375 total

Issues: Please have your characters completely finished – stats, background, languages, etc – before we get together for the next session.

For consideration: The idea of skill specialties, where you may choose a specific aspect of a trained skill to get a +2 circumstance bonus (e.g., climbing for Athletics, monsters for Arcana, etc), is on the table. I’m amenable to it; putting it to a table vote!

Downtime: The journey to Drakeheim will be an uneventful week, though your characters will spend much of it on the move at a fairly rapid pace.


Fuzzus Fuzzus

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