Latest update: 1/12/09

UPDATE!!! The map is up under the maps tab! Stay tuned for a prettier version, and note that this is not the complete map of the continent. Your adventure will begin in the keep of Baron Silversmith, which is in the northern hills (light brown spackle) between the Dragonspine Mountains (dark gray area) and Cymorin Plateau (dark brown area).

First Session: Saturday afternoon, 1/24/09 (tentative, please email if this doesn’t work!)

Location: My house or D&E’s (thoughts?)

Bring: Character sheets, dice, pencils, you!

Optional: Laptops, food, minis

Preparation: Please have your finished character’s stats ready to go. I’m not looking for an incredibly developed background, but an idea of where your character comes from would be nice, and his/her goals and motivations are necessary.

If you would like to contribute to the campaign, we could use miniatures—a pack of the (random) D&D minis that they sell for the miniatures game would be great! I plan to buy a pack a month or some such and slowly grow our collection like that.

Character creation guidelines

We will be using the standard point-buy system found on page 17 of the PHB (“Method 2: Customizing Scores” in the lower-right of the page). The top of the next page has a helpful chart of possible arrays you can obtain by using this method, but you are of course entitled to come up with your own ability scores so long as the math works out.

You will be starting at level 5. The rules on magic items are…intriguing, so I want to see how they’ll work. All magic items are in the PHB. You are allowed 3 magic items:

  • one magic item of your level +1 (level 6 item)
  • one magic item of your level (level 5 item)
  • one magic item of your level -1 (level 4 item)
  • you may choose magic items of lower level (e.g., a level 6 item and two level 3 items)

You also start with gold equivalent to the cost of an item one level lower than your level: 840 gp.

You have 2 at-will powers from level 1, encounter powers from levels 1 and 3, daily powers from level 1 and 5, and a single utility power from level 2. Your powers may be added or modified due to your race or certain feats you might take. Wizards scribe 4 daily powers (2 from level 1 and 2 from level 5) and 2 utility powers (from level 2) into their spellbooks and choose which one they want for the day. Your powers should look like 2/2/2/1 (at-will/encounter/daily/utility).

You have 3 feats—one from level 1, one from level 2, and one from level 4.

You have +1 to two of your ability scores (str, dex, con, int, wis, cha) from level 4. Note that as phrased in the handbook, you must put +1 into two different scores, you may not stack two +1 bonuses into one ability.

Party makeup

  • Eric: Rholgn (Dragonborn Fighter)
  • Dana: ? (Eladrin Warlock (fey pact))
  • John: Sillas (Half-Elf Paladin)
  • Timmy: Roran (Human Warlord)
  • Marx: ? (?Human ?Wizard)

Suggestions and Observations

  • Power cards will help combat run smoothly. Print up cards (or just write them on index cards, though be warned that your hand gets tired :P ) with your powers on them, and mark each card with the color of the power (green for at-will, red for encounter, black for daily). It’s an easy and convenient way to keep your powers handy so you’re not constantly rifling through books, and you can “tap” encounter and daily powers you’ve already burned.
  • All it takes to be able to cast rituals is training in the Arcana OR Religion skills, the Ritual Caster feat, and a ritual book. Want your fighter to be able to scry your enemies, or your rogue to be able to raise the dead? It’s possible! Wizards and clerics start with Ritual Caster (and a few rituals) by default. If you get ‘em, don’t overlook your rituals—they’re both interesting and important!
  • You can only use the daily powers on magic items once per day from levels 1-10. That is to say, if you have a helm that lets you heal as if you’d spent a healing surge and a sword that fires a bolt of lightning, you can only use one of those items in a day. From levels 11-20, you could use both. From levels 21-30, you could use three different items in a day. However, you gain extra uses per day by passing milestones (two encounters in a row without an extended rest).

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